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With the rich, deep rooted culture of Rajasthan, you can find the presence of modernity side by side in the main cities as well. You can see the costliest cars on the Rajasthan city roads alongside the ancient camel carts, carriages drawn by horses and the motored rickshaws. The road connectivity of the state is very good, and the transport system that is prevalent is on a steady improvement path. There is a host of accommodation facilities in the state. Apart from the budget hotels, you can find the most modern and luxurious accommodation if you want a royal treatment. If you want decent accommodations at affordable rates, the hotels of the government-owned Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation would be the best option.

Though the state of Rajasthan can be visited anytime during the year, it would be best to avoid visiting during the steep summer season. Summer is from April to June, and the temperatures are extreme, reaching near to 49 C at certain places. It will be really painful if you embark on touring in this atrocious heat. The places such as Mount Abu and Ranakpur are found to be pleasant and can be visited during the summer time. The evening time or the early morning of the other cities would be okay for this period. The autumnal season is pleasant and can be easily utilized for Rajasthan touring purpose. Even then, winter will be the best period of the year, if you are visiting Rajasthan. The weather will be very soothing. In the deserts, the night temperatures may reach 0 C. The festivals which take place during the winter season are some of the attractions for the tourists who visit the place. The largest chunk of the tourists visits the state during the winter.


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