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The Pushkar camel fair takes position during the wintry weather season and in the course of the time, the winds are blowing from the south japanese part of the state. You will think the exotic and royal touch of the sand dunes. When you read the books and journals having Rajasthan information, you will to find write up regarding the camel decoration in such a reasonable. The camel and cattle races come to be part of the occasion. The vacationers from extraordinary parts of the sector like to take part in this fair considering that of the innocence of the villagers. They love to mingle with them.

This reasonable revolves around the famous temple of Pushkar and the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, a essential deity in Hindu faith. There may be also a lake and this has obtained 52 bathing ghats. As per the legend, on the grounds that of the curse of lord Shiva, the worship to Brahma used to be stopped fully. All which you can say is that the Pushkar fair is conveniently for the purpose of joy and happiness on the faces of folks. After enjoying the reasonable, that you can enter the temple.


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