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Jaisalmer may just seem like a significant pile of rock and sand from the outset, however while you get nearer, you’ll appreciate what you see on the outer is not any fit for the sweetness and elegance of the city inside and the pleasant nature of the persons over here. Founded in the western a part of the Indian State of Rajasthan, the whole city is a gateway to the huge wasteland land; the Thar desert. You’re going to get an insight about the exciting and intriguing data about Jaisalmer while you conclude reading this text.


The entire city glitters in gold! Well no longer actually, it refers to the golden yellow texture that attributes the complete town. It is extremely laborious should you happen to tour this situation for the duration of the summer season, due to the fact temperatures will go as much as forty two degrees Celsius. So the first-class time to consult with Jaisalmer can be from October to March, when the winter starts. Being a faraway town, Jaisalmer does not have an airport, a now not so encouraging fact about Jaisalmer. However wait! The closest airport is at Jodhpur. However you’ll want to for you to use the Palace on Wheels educate offerings which presents you good luxury and a first-rate journey.


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