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Aerial tours: despite the fact that the Grand Canyon is best about 45 minutes from Vegas, this tour stretches for 3 hours. The tour includes some most likely stunning Kodak moments alongside the way, with expansive views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River and Boulder city. The spotlight of the tour is, of direction, the Grand Canyon tour and aerial views of the Vegas Strip. To be famous that distinct companies present distinctive views of the Canyon, so get that clarified until now.


Air plus floor tours: These tours no longer handiest offer the whole lot the aerial tours offer, but also offer an up shut and individual view from the ground. The helicopter descends down 3000-4000 feet from the rim to the Canyon base. Passengers are allowed to get off the chopper and experience a picnic with foods and drinks and a full view of the Colorado River. Some excursions additionally comprise stopovers at Eagle factor and the Skywalk.


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