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Many of the usual landmarks in Kenya date again to the historic interval. Some historic landmarks are traditional while others are man-made. The following are one of the most important average old landmarks in Kenya.
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  1. The Menengai Crater positioned within the excellent Rift Valley is so dazzling to talk over with. This crater, which is capable 12 kilometers huge and 500m high is an excellent internet site for mountain hikers. The neighborhood guys and women recall the crater hosts evil spirits. A component from this, the crater was a battle field for the Masai and the Ilaikipiak communities. The crater was once a grave web page for these guys defeated in battle.


  1. The Mau Mau caves within the Abedare country wide Park have been the hiding function for the freedom opponents during the colonial rule. Mau Mau refers to the Kikuyu warriors who rebelled harsh principles from the white people. They spent most of their time within the wooded area to restrict from killed by means of armed white squaddies. Many Mau Mau combatants lost their lives in a uprising struggle in 1959. One of the vital Mau Mau leaders had been the late Fred Kubai, Dedan Kimathi and plenty of others.


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