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the exception category, like Market road (10190) and Grand Carousel (10188) to call just two. Each of which make me think like kicking myself for missing! These exceptions to the EOL rule spotlight the perils and pitfalls of LEGO investing and any buyers that snatched up these exceptions to the 2 year EOL rule were very lucky certainly.


So we looked at just a few exceptions to the 2 year EOL tenet, now onto the bulk of the guideline. It stands to intent that a rule should have a giant number of examples that help it. In different words for exceptions to exist there ought to be a collective perception of what is presupposed to occur. There are countless examples of the 2 yr EOL rule that, if found, nonetheless allowed casual buyers to make a tidy profit. A favorite set of mine that falls into this class is The Eiffel Tower (10181). Released in late 2007 and going EOL in late 2009, this set is a first-class illustration of an practically specific two 12 months production run. The customary RRP for The Eiffel Tower was once $199. The current price now stands at an impressively tall $850 which translates to a no longer too shabby 326% increase. One more satisfactory illustration of a pleasant funding set with a routine two yr construction


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