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The normal Bermuda climate is what attracts most vacationers to this island paradise – now not too sizzling, now not too bloodless. Located just 600 miles east of North Carolina, Bermuda shares the equal seasons as the united states but with much milder seasonal changes.


Simply as the winter months are the coldest in the U.S., they’re additionally coldest in Bermuda. The exception being their typical winter low is handiest 60 levels.


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With sea temperatures averaging within the mid-60s and too cold for swimming, the climate continues to be mild sufficient for the many visitor attractions that Bermuda has to present. There’s nothing like a moderate winter day to revel in walking the cobbled streets of ancient St. George, traveling centuries-old churches or visiting the working lighthouses.

The ordinary everyday excessive temperature is in the high 60s in January by way of March and within the 70s in April and may.


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