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How parachutes work is equal to that of the Galileo’s Leaning Tower of Pisa test. Galileo climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa and dropped two balls of exclusive masses, but identical shape and density even as; they both hit the bottom at the same time. Parachutes were developed centuries later from the same principle that was in an scan involving each a feather and a rock. Both the feather and rock have been dropped even as, however the rock hit the ground so much  than the feather. They are both accelerating at -9.Eight m/s (g), but the rock hit the bottom first. This conclusion is a influence of air resistance. There’s a bigger deal of friction appearing upon the feather for the reason that it has a better floor area and has a density much like that of the air particles. However, within the vacuum of house or an field the place friction is not reward, a feather would fall just as rapid as any other object. When people fall from a high point, they’re just like the rock in the instance above, however when they are given a parachute and use it, they resemble the feather. Parachutes expand

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