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If we are to prosper and develop, we need to be related to God and to each other. This connection fuels our transformation and causes us to blossom and undergo fruit. In many instances we find ourselves in a nation of barrenness due to the fact we assume that we can continue to exist without different human beings. It’s miles evidenced in some of our verbal expressions such as, “i will do it on my own; I do not need you; I don’t need no person.”
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As this attitude of emotional and non secular isolation continues extreme issues arise due to the fact with relationships to others we can not be ourselves. This loss of courting and bonding brings approximately alienation and a sense of emptiness that results in pain, depression and hatred. Regularly times we stay in this country now not knowledge that it’s miles the lack of dating that is causing the ache and we are not willing to resume relationships if you want to alleviate that ache.


This unwillingness ends in our tying to hold ourselves collectively not knowing that with a purpose to achieve this we need the assist of these whom we refuse to hook up with. Therefore, we find that we remain on my own and our world will become an increasing number of chaotic. Absolutely, no man is an island for even an island have to be in courting even if it is with what isn’t find it irresistible (the sea) in any other case it couldn’t be what it’s far.


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