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The raging sea beats the island of Batanes’ as if to assert i am King.

The waves violently slap the rocks with enviable freedom. Its stammering vigour heeds no remorse.

The island nonetheless does not back off, does not fold-up or disintegrates. It takes a proud beating with a ‘Hah’, i am Batanes.

Batanes will have to certainly be pleased with its coffers. It presents an effective landscape that is as difficult as a Roger Dean art work. The twisting spiraling mountains roll for miles and miles carpeted with green pastures. Atop its countless cliffs you can get a entrance seat view of the feisty merging waters of the China Sea with the Pacific Ocean.

There is additionally something tremendously charming about the island’s distinct stone houses. Round 3 meters thick, these rock abodes crafted through the ancestors have stood against torturous rain and bullying winds. The roofs are made from cogon offering water proof coloration. From afar the residences create an potent texture of colour and form that is bucolic and unlike whatever that I’ve ever been in the provinces I’ve visited.
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