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The historical past of West Bengal goes again to the 3rd century BC when the subject was once part of the Mauryan Dynasty. Nonetheless, its significance relatively emerged below the reign of the Guptas certainly with the increase of the trading activities between the neighborhood and other kingdoms of the Mediterranean Sea. This interval of time left some large monuments vacationers who discuss with India probably interested to explore.


At the end of the 12th century, the Muslims took control of West Bengal. An foremost landmark within the history of the vicinity used to be during the 16th century. This was once when the king Kutb El Din Aybak created the Grand Trunk avenue that made the business operations of the neighborhood expand remarkably. Some Islamic monuments survived in Kolkata and other sections of West Bengal at present where a number of quantity of visitors who spend their holidays in India would consult with to higher realise the historical past of this area.


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