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Out of the fourteen foremost geometric devices/instruments on the Jantar Mantar, a number of are:

Dhruva Yantra (to pinpoint the position of 12 Zodiac signs as good because the Pole famous person)

Narivalya Yantra (a precise sundial, the most interesting instrument)

Kranti Yantra (to measure the longitude and latitude of heavenly our bodies)

Raj Yantra (to calculate the Hindu calendar)

Unnsyhsmsa Yantra (to verify the altitudes of the heavenly our bodies)

Chakra Yantra (to find an perspective of an object from the equator)

Disha Yantra or the compass

Dakshina Yantra (observes the role of heavenly our bodies when passing over the meridian)

Samrat Yantra (to predict the length and heaviness of the monsoon)

Rashivalayas Yantra (has 12 sundials for the zodiac indicators)

Jai Prakash Yantra (to cross check the other instruments)

These instruments have been used to measure time, predict eclipses, track stars of their orbits, examine the declinations of planets, and in addition to measure the celestial altitudes. This biggest and the great preserved observatory of India indicates the scientific and devout sides of the excellent king as well.


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