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In view that then, Vietnamese humans have learnt to live with water and succeeded in conquering it, utilizing it and taking full benefits of it for his or her existence. Water influences their every day life pursuits from site visitors to creating a residing like relocating with the aid of small boats in Mekong river or many floating villages from north to south and fishing with 3265km of shoreline. Anything is made through them, water is first suggestion. Nonetheless,
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essentially the most famous to the world is that Vietnamese humans took the potential of water to protect their nation. Any giant combating between the Vietnamese and invaders occurred in water. For example, the Vietnamese managed their fighting with Nam Han(chinese) in Bach Dang river in 938 they usually won their independence and freedom after 1000 yr domination, the 2nd one is their combating with Tong(chinese) additionally in Bach Dang river and essentially the most famous combating was in 1288 between the Vietnamese and Mongolian army(underneath the king Kublai Khan) in Bach Dang river.


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