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Breathing techniques are important to combine with meditative visualizations. Breathe in visualized white light in meditation. Take long and slow breaths and replenish with visualized white gentle and then broaden it out a foot or two from your physique and preserve it there. Fill the physique with a visualized violet flame and the colour green (the color of treatment). The physique responds positively to visualized white light, the visualized violet flame and the color inexperienced for remedy. Short speedy breaths (about 20 in a row) in rapid succession also will help raise your vibrations. Excessive vibrations will burn off negative vigor (which is low vibration vigour).


Use excessive vibration crystals comparable to orgone, citrine and clear quartz. Keep them to your arms for the duration of meditation to raise vibrations. Angel light and fluorite support bring inner peace. So, preserve them in your palms even as meditating and carry these and excessive vibration crystals to your


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