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There are various traveler sights in Jaisalmer which a traveller can see. Many of the Jaisalmer sights are historical mansions and Havelis and one amongst them is Jaisalmer castle, which is marvelously showcasing its age ancient attraction. There are different monuments too, which are equally most important reminiscent of Salim ji ki haveli, Nathmal ji ki haveli, Jain Temples, wasteland cultural core and museum and Tazia Tower and so on.


Your Jaisalmer tour packages do not end by means of touring these points of interest simplest but there are lots of different places around the metropolis, which a traveller can discover. Some noted excursions round Jaisalmer are- Khuri sand dunes, Lodurva, Amar Sagar or Bada Sagar, wooden Fossil Park and many extra other places, which might be have got to talk over with locations


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