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Jaisalmer is the city of “sand dunes”, located within the giant and wonderful Sahara barren region of Rajasthan, India. It’s often referred to as by way of the identify of “Golden city” of India. It is a stunning metropolis and it has enchanted tourists from very long time from everywhere the sector. It’s naturally a delightful place for excursions and as a result, Jaisalmer tourism department has made path for such excursions possible in the city.


As one gather skills of those sites, one is attracted more and more towards making a commute to town. Jaisalmer tourism helps and eases the discuss with of tourists by giving all possible expertise about these holiday areas located in and round Jaisalmer. This city is famous for the uncommon sand dunes, notable forts, captivating havelis, thrilling camel safaris, and stunning temples which captivate vacationers for the period of their Jaisalmer tour. One of the most famous attractions of this wonderful place are-



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