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The speedy VMA is brief time period relocating usual, and the sluggish VMA is a long term relocating average.


If we use set a VO (5, 20) as an illustration, the environment often is the speedy VMA to five bars and the sluggish VMA ito 20 bars. At 5 bars, the fast VMA is the shorter period and, at 20 bars, the gradual VMA is the longer period.


In essence, the VO calculates the change between 2 VMAs. This calculation reveals surges in volume and feasible abnormal volume endeavor. The VO tell us where the present quantity is in relationship to the traditional quantity over a longer period of time.


If we take a seem at the VO atmosphere above, that signifies that when the VO is over 1 then the fast VMA is over the sluggish


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