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Prem tried his success via opening a Dosa Plaza. He started serving 108 variations of the natural dish referred to as Dosa. At present, his Dosa Plaza has 26 retailers. There are over 150 employees who work for Prem. He additionally generates a massive turnover each 12 months. All the shops in his plaza are networked and have right standardized manuals for all of the products and services that each and every retailer offers. Prem is presently evaluating franchise presents from the U.S. And Europe.


As you will see, this mighty entrepreneur has faced a lot of boundaries to get to the place he’s at now. He certainly not gave up and he always tried to push ahead, despite his friend leaving him stranded when he first arrived in Mumbai.

No man or women can remain comfortable constantly. Instances and situations have a strange method of changing. Targeted circumstances, on many an events, could make you feel particularly low and make you suppose like giving up. That is why, in my view, this story is so principal. Stories like this you can still elevate up your spirits and encourage you to have a contemporary begin and obtain anything colossal. They instill a sense of hope in you.
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Jan Koum is an potent web entrepreneur and was born on February 24, 1976. He has extended to the highest of the internet food chain. He was on food stamps and now leads a crew of a hundred men and women. His smartphone software is used all around the world.


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